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Background Journalism and Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country. Its politico-economical system, socultural traditions and landscapes are different than India and other countries. Nearly 36% of the populations are literate. Nepal is a country of amazing contrasts. There are world’s highest mountains including Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) towering above populated valleys and forested plains in which the lordly tigers and trundling Rhinoceros live. Enchantments is everywhere, be it on the shoulders of high mountains with terraced ridges like stairways to the sky, in the bustle of the cities, on quite or rushing rivers of forest full of wild flower and songs of the birds. Something for everybody: trekker, river runner, wild life enthusiast, tourists, poet, writer, artist or the weary in search of a personal sangrilla. In Kathmandu the capital, or in its sovers, to cross a street is to travel across centuries. Shrines, temples, place, square, Angles Sculptures and legend are parts are of very brick and stone and gilded master piece. They make Kathmandu valley, a living museum.

Different Sector in Nepal


Nepal, a sovereign independent democratic country lies between 80.4 and 88.12 East longitudes and 26.2 to 30.27 North latitude. It is bounded on the North by Tibet region of peoples republic of china, on east by Sikkim and west Bengal, on the west by Uttar Prades of india. The length of the kindom is 880km. East-West, and its breadth varies from 144 to 240 Km. North to South. It lies on temperature climate zone with the added advantage of valleys are 4000ft. above the sea-level. All seasons are good for travelling. Each has its own unique charm.