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Aims Aims of the organization

National Press Club’s Goals

National Press Club, Nepal was established to promote and unite Nepali journalists into on organization.In the beginning, it focused on print media and later on electronic media. Considering the growing need and demand of well wisher, it is soon going to start e-journalism through internet aiming to introduce Nepali media to the world and earn a space in this electronically globalized media community. So, the club aims to fulfill the following aims:

  1. To enhance the ideals of journalism.
  2. To exchange views with national and international journalists organizations, associations and press club.
  3. To work for world peace, disarmament, cooperation and friendship among the peoples of the world, according to the UNESCO principles concerning new international information and communication order.

Working Principle Of The Organization

Like any other organizations, NPCN has its own principles to function in more democratic way. NPCN strictly follow the following principles:

  1. It will work for the democratic development of the organization safeguarding the interest of the press and journalist of the country.
  2. It will continue with national and international press clubs, journalist organizations, press institutes and training.
  3. It will stress onto create opinions for a peaceful and democratic life of the people to eliminate hostility, discord, violence between races, tribes, religion, sex and to safeguard national dignity.
  4. The national and foreign policy of NPCN has been incorporated with directives and principles of UNESCO and IOJ.