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National Press Club Nepal (NPCN) unanimously nominated Senior journalists Ms, Rosaleen Leslie Dickson for the prestigious us “Journalisms for peace award 2007”? in recognition to her outstanding contribution in field of environmental journalism. NPCN has instituted award since 1989 on “Journalism from peace”? this tradition has been kept live to promote those Journalist and social field who have made significant contribution thought their Journalistic artistes in all over the world. NPCN believes in peace progress and NPCN chair person of MR. Ram Krishna Karmacharaya and other member declared a special meeting.

Born July 2, 1921 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rosaleen Leslie, Learned to write at the Halifax Ladies College followed by schools in France,Switzerland,New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and eventually Ottawa, but insists she learned more outside classroom. She married David Dickson in Montreal during World War 2 and when it was over they lived in and later moved to Shawville, Quebee where they operated a painting business.

There, Rosaleen published and edited “THT EQUITY”? the weekly newspaper of Pontiac Country, Quebee, for 32 years, During that time she also write features for the Ottawa Journal.Later on, she wrote regular columns, was a feature writer and book editor for The Hill Times, the newspaper of Parliament, and with her husband she researched and published the genealogy-rich “Dickson-Leslie Family Histories”? and a book about his famous RAF Bomber Squadron (214 Federated Malay States), named for its, “Avenging in the Shadows.”?prem siwakoti (Journalist) Rosaleen Leslie Dickson has edited numerous book for other authors, including “Adventure of a Paper Sleuth”? by Hugh Macmillan, and “A theatre Near you”? by Alain Migueleze. She edited and publish the great S. Wyman Mackechine trilogy, “What Men They Were”? “Well Remember,”? and “Weathering the Thirties,”? served as ghost writer on interesting assignment, co-authorized with Pierre Bourque, “Free net for the Fun of it”? and its sequel, published by Stoddard, and with Rony Aooul she wrote “HTML, The Basic Book for people who would rather Do it than Read about Mother in Law Book”? based on “Ask Great Granny”? an on- going computer-mediated advice column which Mrs. Dickson has been providing on the internet ever since Internet came to Ottawa, She has just completed editing “For the Love of Tees”? for Ottawa Arboretum and a memoir for a famous Nava Scotian An active director of the National Press Club of Canada, Rosaleen also takes a leading role in The Media Club of Ottawa, the Canadian Association of Journalists and Ottawa Independent Writer and has built and maintains a number of regularly update interactive Web sites. Herinvolvement in the National Press Club of Canada has included and entire reshaping of that organization, from being a predominantly social club to its present mission to promote press freedom ethnics and integrity in journalism, and assist people entering the profession. They have abandoned their previous location in government owned premises and moved the National Press Club office into Sheraton Hotel, in the business and financial center of the nation’s capital, near Parliament. Always ready for a new challenge, Rosaleen Dickson writes, rewriters, edits and helps out in any of a number of ways, if the work at hand interests her and she feels it is worthwhile, Her media experience covers newspapers, magazines, radio, television and internet, She has for several years been heavily engaged in organizing, promoting and conducting newsmaker events for the National Press Club Rosaleen’s academic achievements include a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Guilford College, North Carolina and Masters Degree in Journalism at Carleton University, Ottawa.

She has also taught Press Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, She wrote a play commemorating the 100 years history of the Canadian Women’s Press Club, “100 Years of Daring; Day One,”? which was produced at the National Art center in Ottawa, at the Ottawa Citizen Conference Center as a fund-raiser for their Literacy Project, and at the National Press Club of Canada. While editing the weakly newspaper in Shaw Ville, Rosaleen become the first women to be elected to that town’s Municipal Council, established the first public library in Pontiac Country, built the first senior citizens’ apartment buildings in the country and initiated many other community projects including the first pony club musical ride, and aerial photography with a friend who has a little plane. Rosaleen was on the first Board of Directors and founding member of both Radio Pontiac, the bilingual community station in Fort Coulonge Quebee and of the First French language cooperative TV station in Hull, now Gatineau, Quebee. She also produced ad hosted “Pontiac Now”?, a weekly evening television show broadcast from Pembroke, Ontario. In amrch, 1961 when Ernie Bushnell opened CJOH in lumber ware house at Bayswaster and Somerset, in Ottawa, Rosaleen was the host of moving to the permanent station on Merivale Rode later that same year. She also took part in fort Coulonge, running the weekly newspaper in Shawville, and was weekly guest in Radio Noon, the popular CBC Show then produced in the Chateau Laurie Hotel, and raising six children. Rosaleen’s husband, partner and best friend died in 1992 and she moved into a condominium in Ottawa where she now lives, writes, and continues to enjoy her literary associations. The family now includes 18 Grand children 10 great grandchildren. At age of 86 Rosaleen Leslie dicksion says she feels sure there are still many more interesting adventures to come.